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We appreciate your interest in joining us as an employee at Sullivan County Memorial Hospital (SCMH). Before you complete an application, we would like you to take a few minutes to review the following information regarding employee competencies. We believe the accomplishment of these competencies is critical for your success at SCMH. All employees at SCMH are expected to successfully meet the following nonnegotiable expectations:

1. Service Excellence: It is an SCMH expectation that every employee provides excellent customer service. At Sullivan County Memorial Hospital, we put the customer first. A customer is defined as a patient, visitor, co-worker, medical staff, vendor or any other person you come in contact with at SCMH. This is done by creating enthusiastic customer loyalty by exceeding the needs and expectations of all customers. The customer measures this by; a.) Does the person who is helping me care about me? b.) Are they responsive to my needs/requests? c.) Did they give me the information I needed? In order to exceed the customer’s needs and expectations, you will be expected to:

• Be courteous in all contacts with people at SCMH;
• Have a desire to work in health care;
• Remain positive and create enthusiastic customer loyalty by exceeding the needs and expectations of all customers;
• Maintain customer confidentiality; and,
• Communicate effectively both verbally and nonverbally.

2. Business Results: As an SCMH employee, you will be expected to exhibit pride in your work and the service you provide. You will be expected to:

• Show good judgment in your job performance;
• Realize that no matter what job you have, you have an impact on patient care and the image of
SCMH; and,
Be committed to continuously improving the quality of work at the lowest possible cost.

3. Change Management: Change is a major part of the life of an SCMH employee. In order to adapt to change, you will need to be willing to learn new skills – and be willing to grow in your current abilities. You will be expected to:

• Try new tasks as opportunities arise;
• Ask for training if you do not know how to do a task;
Remain flexible and adaptable to change.

4. Leadership: Every SCMH employee is expected to be a leader in continuous improvement by participating as a team player. As a team player, you will be expected to:

Communicate effectively with others to meet total customer needs;
• Improve processes by creatively solving problems;
Learn from individuals from other cultures and backgrounds;
• Treat co-workers and employees in other departments with respect;
• Pitch in and help other employees when they need help;
• Participate in Quality Improvement (QI) activities.

5. Strategic Thinking: An SCMH employee is responsible for continuously finding ways to enhance their skills to meet the needs and expectations of our customers: You will be expected to:

• Demonstrate technical knowledge;
• Maintain excellent job skills.

6. Personal Accountability: All employees are expected to present an appropriate demeanor that meets
Sullivan County Memorial Hospital’s standard of excellence. You will be expected to:

• Present a clean and neat appearance and dress appropriately to hospital and department standards;
• Communicate and act in an open, honest, and trustful manner;
• Have a ‘can-do’ attitude;
Take responsibility for learning and developing;
• Be in attendance and on time for the days you are scheduled to work.

Note: After reading these expectations, if you are interested in becoming an employee at Sullivan County Memorial Hospital, we invite you to complete the attached application.


In compliance with Federal and State employment opportunity laws, qualified applicants are considered for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, veteran status disability or any other protected group status.




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