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Visiting an Emergency Department (ED) can be scary, traumatic, and stressful event for everyone. Having upfront knowledge of the ED before the event happens can decrease anxiety and make the visit a smoother process should a loved one need the ED services. The Emergency Department is sometimes referred to as the Emergency Room.

The American College of Emergency Physicians recommends keeping a file that easy to access for anyone who may be involved in your affairs that has; copy of your insurance cards, list of current medications, allergy list (especially to medications), and list of chronic conditions and surgeries. Keep this file in a place easy to access, you can also put your last set of lab results or any other test you have had recently in this file. This can save time in the ED.


Here are some things you can expect when you visit the Emergency Department at Sullivan County Memorial Hospital
  • We work hard to get all Emergency Room Patients seen as soon as possible.
  • Upon arrival to the ED, you will most likely have a triage assessment by a nurse. This is a measurement of vital signs, complaint with current condition, and they will prioritize you in the system.
  • The Physician will come and see you after the triage, once you are settled into your room. We see everyone as quickly as we can.
  • If your visit requires a blood draw for laboratory testing or you need radiologic exams; any of these diagnostic testing can take one to one and half hour to get results. The physician cannot make a diagnosis of your illness until they have your results back. Be prepared for at least a two hour wait when going to the ED if you need lab testing or a radiologic test.
  • Once the test results are back you will have a re-evaluation and a discussion of your treatment plan.
  • When that decision is made whether to discharge or admit that process will begin, the nurse will prepare your discharge instructions and explain the diagnosis and instructions before you are discharged from the ED.
  • If you are to be admitted the physician will explain the diagnosis and treatment plan and the nurse will get you a room on the floor and get you prepared to move to your room, the nurse will educate on the plan for the next few days.
  • Once settled in your room the nurses in the other departments take over your care.
**Sullivan County Memorial Hospital is ready to care for you in our Emergency Department and treat all your needs.